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Our expert glaziers are always working in the East Malvern Mt Waverley area phone 03 9807 7788 or 0418 844 364
anytime for your free measure and quote ...

The Manhattan Mirror Co is located not far from the Chadstone shopping centre near the corner of Warrigal and Waverley Rds
Our keen and dedicated glaziers worked late into the night during the recent Chadstone shopping centre renovation.

The Manhattan Mirror Co located in Chadstone is Melbourne’s only specialist bathroom mirror shop
Custom made bathroom mirrors are our specialty

  Our Stadium -Squircle- Round - oval - pebble - arch and rectangle bathroom mirrors are manufactured in-house at our ChadstoneMelbourne  studio.
 The premium range of theThe Manhattan Mirror Co’s bathroom mirrors are LED ready, by that we mean, you or your electrician can easily wrap the LEDS around the preexisting recessed rebate designed for that purpose.
Most updated Australian bathrooms have an efficient exhaust fan and heat lamp, making heated mirrors unnecessary, 
Many imported bathroom mirrors have a touch switch located on the face of the mirror, this operates the LED lights and heater, this inevitably leads to more cleaning, as finger marks start to accumulate.
LED lighting for bathroom mirrors are best used as a comfort light, operating in conjunction with or separately on a wall mounted switch, no matter what the sales person may say, LED strip lightsare not usefulas a functional light for shaving or putting on makeup.
LED strip lights are only useful as a glare-less soft light, best suited for a late night bathroom visit.
We believe our Melbourne Australia made bathroom mirrors are very competitively priced given that we use only the best quality materials, 90% of the ready made  bathroom mirrors that you see advertised online are made overseas, advertised under the banner of
Australian owned and operated, also many of our unique Art Deco designs have been copied and cheaply made in China with inferior materials they are then sold through EBAY other online platforms or sold to retail framing shops etc,often they are sold for more than our
original price , we always like to remain competitively priced so if you see something advertised that’s inline with our range, give us call 03 98077888  mobile  Guy Molloy  0418844364  or email to

Art deco style bathroom renovations Melbourne /Sydney.
There have been a number of new Art deco bathroom products that have come on to the market in Australia in recent years.    Art Deco style vanities pedestal basins bathroom tiles and taps are in demand, and one good thing about decorating your bathroom Art Deco style is that it cannot go out of style, in twenty years’ time Art Deco will still be Art Deco.
The Arlena mirror, seen here flanked between two of our ribbed ArtDeco wall lights has been Australia’s favourite fan style mirror since we first started manufacturing it back in our Ripponlea studio in1985.
The Arlena and the Manhattan High mirrors have over the years given great inspiration to many mirror designers and copiers over the last 35 years.

The Arlena mirror comes in 3 x standard sizes,
Small 550mm high x 700 mm wide ... $375.00
Medium 810mm high x 870 mm wide ... $445.00
Large 900mm high x 1000 mm wide ... $475.00

We design and manufacture all our bathroom mirrors and bathroom cabinets in Australia.

Art Deco Bathroom Ideas Australia
The Nicola Art Deco style mirror is an excellent choice if you don’t have a lot of width in your bathroom but have ample height space.
Before you complete your Art Deco Bathroom renovation have your electrician install wiring either side of your proposed mirror so you can take advantage of the variety of Art Deco bathroom lighting
 available on the market.
The Nicola Art Deco bathroom mirror comes in 2 x standard sizes.
The large size 640mm wide x 900mm high ... $475.00 and the smaller size at 810 high x 540mm wide ... $420.00
As always with all our products custom sizes are available, we manufacture all our products inhouse in Australia.

The Waldorf Art Deco bathroom mirror
Size: 800 mm X 450 mm
Price: $375.00 AU
Superb Art Deco style vanity mirror
as with all our designs Australian made
Manhattan high black ...
Standard: 1050 mm x 700 mm price: $690.00
Large: 1500 mm x 940 mm price: $890.00
Custom made bathroom mirrors  with or without led lighting any size any shape.
We use high quality Guardian UltraMirror ( measured and installed, Melbourne metro<
Popular Stadium-pill shaped bathroom mirror.
The Manhattan Mirror Co manufactures and installs frameless led ready bathroom mirrors any size any shape, competitive pricing - builders discount

Custom made low-iron ultra clear stadium mirrors …. Toorak .. 27-7-20
Trisha style bathroom mirror ...
We custom made this Trisha style bathroom mirror in the Brighton suburb of Melbourne.
Maya over bathroom vanity
Magnificent round bathroom mirror hand bevelled. Size: 1000 mm x 800 mm. Price $1250
Free delivery Melbourne metro area.
Mirrors with deep recessed frames are not recommended for bathrooms, they tend to collect soupy water stains,
necessitating constant cleaning.
Most ready made mirrors that you will buy on line from shopping websites are not suitable for
bathrooms in terms of being resistant to edge oxidization.
This imported circular mirror purchased on line lasted about 3 months before the edges started to oxidize ...
Lyrebird slimline round bathroom mirrors are manufactured in our Chadstone / Melbourne Australia wide delivery

Custom made antique distressed mirror tiles give this Melbourne bathroom the ambience of a high end Florentine hotel
The lyrebird range of bathroom mirrors designed and manufactured in our Melbourne / Chadstone studio are an exciting addition to our already existing range of frameless wall and bathroom mirrors.
The latest round mirrors for bathrooms now have a BLACK MIRROR glass frame.
You get the modern highly stylized contemporary look, along with the easy spray & wipe cleaning option.
Custom made round black framed bathroom mirrors are manufactured in our Melbourne studio and shipped Australia wide.
The beautiful BLACK MIRROR glass frame has a high end look without the high end price tag.

A Lyrebird oval  black framed bathroom mirror can turn your renovated Victorian bathroom into a spectacular feature. Custom made to any size.

Lee from Mount Waverley supervises the installation of her new 1200 dia Lyrebird bathroom mirror.
Her bathroom renovation is now complete and she is very happy, the smile says it all. Taken 22/3/2018.

Lyrebird range.
Round mirrors for bathrooms:
Made from Viridian Australia MirraEcho TM high specification with excellent light reflection.
the Lyrebird range of bathroom mirrors are produced using 2 X coats of high specification mirror backing paint.
As well as offering additional protection to the silver coating from steam, moisture and chemicals.
We also give extra protection to the edge using our special hot wax treatment.
As we manufacture all our bathroom and wall mirrors at our Chadstone Melbourne studio, we can offer LED lighting ready bathroom mirrors.
In fact all our mirrors that you see on our new website can be made to suit LED lighting.
Ask your electrician to contact us regarding backlit LED lighting on your bathroom vanity mirror project.

Lyrebird bathroom mirror range

Easy clean all glass frame
No maintenance issues with cleaning soapy water stains off painted wooden frames that can easily trap chemicals / toothpaste and other bathroom mess
Modern minimalist design featuring a 25 mm wide black mirror glass frame
The backing can be manufactured to suit LED back lighting, just contact us before ordering
The central mirror has a unique 3 mm bevelled edge angled in such a manner as to produce a sharp strand of light which encompasses the whole circumference of the mirror as you change your viewing angles
Our mirrors are suitable for commercial projects. Trade inquiries are welcome
400 diameter > $ 275
500 diameter > $ 325
600 diameter > $ 350
700 diameter > $ 375
800 diameter > $ 390
900 diameter > $ 450
1000 diameter > $ 575
1100 diameter > $ 645
1200 diameter > $ 675
Australia wide delivery. Price on application

Essendon can be custom made to any size
Superb contemporary style feature bathroom mirror
Designed manufactured and installed by The Manhattan Mirror Co

Round Bathroom Mirrors Melbourne Cheaper Than Bunnings and Ebay Or We’ll Beat It By 10 %

Round Bathroom Mirrors Melbourne. Melbournes Cheapest Prices on Round Bathroom Mirrors Pick up Only. Please Ring To Check Stocks.

Important  : All Our Bathroom Mirrors have been Hot Wax Treated to Resist Edge Oxidation in Steamy Bathroom Conditions. WHO ELSE DOES THAT.
4mm thick smooth edges
300mm Dia  $30.00
350mm Dia $35.00
400mm Dia $40.00
450mm Dia $45.00
500mm Dia $50.00
550mm Dia $55.00
600mm Dia $60.00
650mm Dia $65.00
700mm Dia $70.00
750mm Dia $75.00
800mm Dia $80.00
850mm Dia $85.00
900mm Dia $90.00
1000mm Dia $100.00
1050mm Dia $130.00
1100mm Dia $140.00
1150mm Dia $150.00
1200mm Dia $175.00
1300mm Dia $250.00
1400mm Dia  $300.00
1500mm Dia $375.00
950mm Dia  $95.00
Australian made top quality Viridian mirror [ex Pilkington]

We can  also cut bathroom mirrors to size any shape up to 2400mm x 1200mm      
WHILE YOU WAIT  with smooth edges.

Bevelled edges or larger sizes you will need to wait a few days.

If you require a bathroom mirror installed in the Mt Waverley - East Malvern - Toorak - South Yarra - Armadale area give Guy Molloy a call
Free consultation including measure and quote. Designer bathroom mirrors are our specialty including difficult projects.

Custom made designer frameless bathroom and mirror walls Melbourne
Beautiful frameless bathroom and feature wall mirrors are our specialty.

Phone Guy Molloy direct any time 0418-844-364 to discuss your special project, with 30 years experience in manufacturing and installing custom
feature bathroom mirrors. I may just be ablr to help you.

This Florentine distressed bathroom mirror 1200 mm diam has remarkably transformed Glen & Trisha’s Glen Waverley bathroom renovation.

Two of our black Manhattan High mirrors looking good, Rowville renovation

This art deco style powder room / bathroom mirror was designed by Guy Molloy in 1985.
Since then we have manufactured sold locally Australia wide and exported over 5000 of these gorgeous art deco style bathroom mirrors.
If you are considering renovating your bathroom Art Deco style keep in mind stylized geometric
shapes and bold symmetrical curves.

Colours to consider are creams and light greens with black bringing a dominant striking contrast.
Many people don’t have the luxury of owning an Art Deco house or apartment, however you can placate your lust for all things deco by renovating your bathroom Art Deco style.

Some popular combinations include cream bevelled subway tiles Art Deco border tiles combining a deco inspired pedestal basin, wall lights with an Art Deco feature mirror as a delightful focal point.
Suitable floor tiles and accessories, oh! And don’t forget a free standing bath with claw feet.

In many ways the Arlena Art deco style fan mirror as pictured has been a victim of its own success
Designed by Guy Molloy 1n 1985 it was often used by a local tile manufacturer to help display its range of Art Deco style bathroom tiles, however it was finally discontinued by the company as too many people where inquiring about the mirror instead of their bathroom tiles.

Also strangely enough many customers that are at the end of their Art deco bathroom renovation say things like, oh the mirror looks great, but I don’t want it to distract from the other features in the bathroom.

Helen's custom made Beach Street mirror.Note the lights incorporated in the mirror
Our expert glaziers are always working in the East Malvern Mt Waverley area phone 03 9807 7788 or 0418 844 364
anytime for your free measure and quote ...

The Manhattan Mirror Co is located not far from the Chadstone shopping centre near the corner of Warrigal and Waverley Rds
Our keen and dedicated glaziers worked late into the night during the recent Chadstone shopping centre renovation.

Most bathroom mirrors are adhered to the wall using neutral cure silicone, do not to use acetic curing silicone as it will affect the silver and leach through the mirror giving it a cloudy appearance months later.
Drilling holes in your bathroom wall should be avoided if you can, it is the old-fashioned way of doing things, there is always the potential to drill through a water pipe or electrical wire.
Beware of imported bathroom mirrors with D ring or triangular ring  hanging fixtures, or even worse raised steel brackets with holes for a screw fitting , the steel bracket method leaves little room for error and the tolerance is about 2mm and there’s  a good chance
once you finally line up the screws to the holes you will discover that the screw head has scratched through the silver leaving a noticeable scratch on the back of the mirror
D ring hanging brackets necessitate drilling 2 x holes in the walls and tapping in plastic plugs, hooks are then screwed into the plugs, overseas mirror manufacturers use these methods because they are cheap and nasty.
Having to hang a bathroom mirror to your wall can be annoying and expensive if you are not a handy person, you can add at least $150  to employ an installer, also during routine cleaning  you will have to  listen to the constant unstable banging against the wall.
Bathroom walls usually comprise of a stud frame covered withpainted plaster- dry wall or cement sheeting and usually with a row of splashback tiles behind the vanity, often the whole wall is tiled.
If you are going to flush mount your bathroom mirror to the wall using silicone, use 2 x wooden planks approx 40mm wide by 20mm thick and cut to the desired height,typically 250mm high,rest on the vanity, use masking tape or similar to temporarily hold the supports.
Put the silicone on the back of the mirror using a series of circlesdo not to get too close to the edge, you don’t want unnecessary cleaning, put the base of the mirror on the planks  at an angle and adjust the mirror to its best position before pushing against the wall listening for the air compress out of the silicone circles,this will create a tight vacuum to the wall.
Don’tgo light on the silicone, it’s a mirror!  if in doubt put on a bit more, you can run a bit of masking tape on the top temporarily for extra insurance, leave the wooden supports under the mirror for 2 x days.
When installing bathroom mirrors with LED’S, a French cleat system is the best method of installation, the mirror can easily be lifted off to replace your LED strip when it expires, better if you have also got someone local to call
 If you had the LED’S installed by a local electrician using a French cleat system, he or she  or other can easily lift off  the mirror and replace the LED lights.
Your tube of silicone is way past its expiry date and fails to cure properly, crash!!
You drill through the tiles and straight into a waterpipe, $$$.
You forgot to clean the dust off the wall so the double -sided tape and silicone fails to adhere properly.You’ll think someone’s trying to break through your bathroom window in the middle of the night.
You drill through a live wire and give yourself a zap!!
You relied on screws only, to support the weight of a heavy mirror on weak crumbling plaster.
You took the supporting planks under the mirror away too soon, and before the silicone has cured properly.
You rested the mirror on the edge of the ceramic tile splashback and glued it to the wall without using setting blocks, discovering later pressure shells or cracks starting to appear on the base of the mirror.
You used plastic tile spacers as setting blocks to rest the mirror on,the mirror simply slipped off.  Use bits of wood or special glazier’s soft plastic setting blocks.
There was an unnoticeable lump or nail in the wall, causing the mirror to tilt over sometime later.
You slid the mirror too much during installation, this caused the double- sided tape behind the mirror to rollover and double up, the outward pressure finally tipping the mirror over one hour later.
You DONKED! the corner of the mirror on the edge of the ceramic splashback during installation. Tape up the edge of the splashback to protect the corners pre installation.
There was a nail or screw protruding from the wall that you didn’t notice, of course you scratched the back of the mirror.  Have a nice day.
You were so excited about your new mirror you decided to use vinegar as a cleaning agent,{ environmentally responsible cleaning agent } you read about it many times on Google, vinegar is mostly acetic acid, great for making old coins look new,
also vinegar is great for making new mirrors look old, the acetic acid in the vinegar will corrode the edges of your mirror especially the bottom,{never ever use vinegar to clean your bathroom mirrors}.
You took the advice of the big hardware retailers YouTube video and fixed your bathroom mirror with double sided tape only, after some time even years later the effects of the moisture in the bathroom and the drying out of the adhesive glue on the tape
can and does cause the adhesion to fail, always back up the double sided tape with non-acetic silicone, use such silicone with modern mirrors only, the paint on the back of antique mirrors often will not tolerate even non-acetic silicone, it will leach through the silver.
Many big brand double sided tape manufacturers use an acidic agent in their adhesive formula, this can leach through the paint and silver backing, use a recommended tape,get advice from your local glass merchant.
Although rare, some types of paint have a wax additive added as an anti-dust measure, also wallpaper in bathrooms that have been moisture-proofed have a problem with silicone adhesion.
Glass cleaners containing ammonium hydroxide and other harshchemicals can eventually start to corrode the edges of your bathroom mirrors, the present author recommends this formula.
Buy a 1 x litre bottle of methylated spirits , screw on a trigger spray top or use an empty Windex bottle etc, now fill the Metho with about 10% car polish & wax combo, use a well-known brand, give it a good shake and spray your mirrors  using a clean cotton cloth.
You can also use this formula to clean your shower screen and glass doors etc.
More to follow…

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