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Florentine antique style distressed mirror is made by chemically boiling down
silver bullion to obtain silver nitrate.
The silver nitrate is then added to a secret formular containing other precious metals.
Other reagent chemicals are also added to facilitate the reducing process.
The silvering mixture can then be either sprayed on to the surface of the especially prepared
glass surface, it can also be poured on by utilising the surface tension of the glass.
Genuine Florentine distressed mirror can have an almost hypnotic effect on the observer.
Many people have commented on its ability to repeatedly hold their gaze.
Silver reflects about 95% of the light photons that enter the silver atom, they momentarily
enter the orbit of the electrons and is quickly expelled, entering your retina titillating the neurons
In your skull.
Great armies of the world were paid with silver coins, slaves have been purchased and sold for the metal, vampires subdued, and biblical characters tempted and betrayed by silvers charm.

Florentine distressed mirror tiles
Standard sizes

Suitable for over mantle – buffet or wall mirror.
915mm x 915mm ... $975.00
915mm x 1215mm ... $1285.00
915mm x 1515mm ... $1590.00
915mm x 1815mm ... $1850.00
1215mm x 615mm ... $875.00
1515mm x 615mm ... $980.00
1815mm x 615mm ... $1285.00

Each tile measures 300mm x 300mm and includes a 10mm bevelled edge
The craft wood backing has a dark wood timber stain giving the art piece a
Smart minimalist framed effect.
Every tile is a unique visually pleasing art form hand silvered in Australia by
Guy Molloy at his Melbourne studio.
Why buy a painting or print, when you can completely transform a room, adding light and functionality.
A close fitting aluminium French cleat fixing system makes installation to your wall a breeze.

Rachael’s new antique distressed Florentine bar mirrors introduce a delightful, charming ambience to
her dining room.   New build Mt Martha 25-3-2023.

Clair’s - Underwood Wine Bar, 181 St Georges Fitzroy North ...
We installed bronze Florentine mirror to the rear of the bar area 20-8-2021
Lindrum hotel Melbourne 26 flinders street Melbourne
Bar area refurbishment using antique style Florentine distressed mirrors installed by the Manhattan Mirror Co on the 10-08-2021
Antique style distressed mirror over mantle Melbourne

Bevelled distressed antique style mirror tiles completes this arched cavity ...

Mirror tiles antique distressed manufactured and installed by Manhattan Mirror Co, Melbourne

Magnificent custom silvered  Florentine antique distressed mirror, size W:1840 mm H:2400 mm installed in Kew Melbourne 05-05-2021 ...

It was a tight fit but we managed to squeeze this Florentine distressed mirror in to this powder room, Dromana Victoria

Latest project consisted of installing 250 bevelled mirror strips to the reception area of 120 Jolimont Rd East Melbourne Victoria  3002
When you arrive from the lift, you are met with a wonderful dazzling texture of rich colours, best described as Neo Victorian with a
Lois Comfort Tiffany Twist.


The Manhattan Mirror Co specializes in custom made mirrors for restaurants and bars located in the Melbourne metro area.
By adding space with distressed mirror you can incorporate a delightful rich ambience that is sure to delight & impress your valuable customers.

Just completed Florentine distressed antique bar mirrors.
SOUPAR  restaurant Gertrude St, Fitzroy

The Queensberry hotel Carlton refurbishment.
We silvered and installed 6 mm toughened Florentine antique distressed mirror panels in the saloon bar.
The Queensberry hotel since 1890 at 593 Swanston Street Carlton, Melbourne Victoria.

Steve’s 3 x m long bronze lightly distressed wall mirror puts a contemporary spin on this large bare wall in Glen Waverly Victoria.
We manufactured and install this impressive mirror designed to protrude 25 mm off the wall (June 2018)
Florentine mirror tile bed heads
Create an old world Florentine ambience in your bedroom
W 1200 mm x 600 price - $375
W 1500 mm x 600 price - $390
W 1200 mm x 900 price - $450
W 1500 mm x 900 price - $545

Custom made bar unit manufactured for the Lanteri residence East Melbourne.
The bespoke bar shelves were made from 10 mm toughened starphire glass and mounted on to a 6 mm toughened Florentine fauxed mirror.

Melbourne Swanston street apartment
This small 2 x story apartment has been transformed into something magic, the kitchen splashback and surrounding cabinets are made from Florentine distressed toughened mirror by THE MANHATTAN MIRROR CO.
The beautiful art work on the kitchen column was hand painted by Melbourne’s renowned  mural artist Taisia Danchenko Mob: 0410-817-905

Semi transparent sliding glass door.
If you have enough imagination we can manufacture it.
email us for a quote on your artistic project.

FLORENTINE MIRRORS - Distressed mirror tiles and table tops - Bar Mirrors

Deco style occasional table by   Guy Molloy
Name : Dorothy
Size: 1200 mm wide x 600 mm depth x 450 mm high.
These ones to have the square ticked on left side
Glass : 12 mm toughened safety glass. Viridian Australia.
Toddler & toe friendly rounded corners.
Hand silvered distressed Florentine 12 mm mirror base.
Photographed example has rounded wood stained feet.
Table comes with optional wheels, handy when vacuuming, serving drinks or snacks to guests, can be used as an auto trolley.
Uniquely Australian designed and manufactured.
Can be custom bespoke made any size.

We made this 2 x metre long contemporary side table on 10 days notice.
Bespoke dimensions 2000 mm wide x 2400 mm deep x 800 mm high x 75 mm thick.
6 mm Starphire mirror $1500 including delivery Melbourne metro.
Mirror : name Maya 1000 mm wide x 800 mm high ...  price $825
50 x 300 x 300 mm Florentine distressed mirror tiles
 The Cellar private dining room.
Chiara Italian restaurant 705 Collins Street Melbourne 3000


French provincial style bar counter top with matching Florentine mirror wall with bar shelves.
Manufactured and installed by The Manhattan Mirror Co. Chadstone Victoria 3148
Can be seen at the Provence French Cafe & Bakery 109 Power Street Hawthorn Vic.

Peter & Sonya’s masterpiece  - East Bentleigh Victoria.
50 x Florentine mirror tiles 300 x 300 mm with 10 mm bevelled edges.
Manufactured and installed by The Manhattan Mirror Chadstone Victoria.

A celebration of rich vibrant colours complements this contemporary dining room setting.

Antique distressed mirror tiles manufactured for Burto's Bar 180 William Street, Melbourne 3000
We ship our Florentine distressed antique style mirror tiles to any where in Australia & overseas.
Our client list includes many uptown restaurants and bars including opulent homes of the rich and famous
Our Florentine distressed bevelled mirror tiles 300 x 300mm deliver a delightful rich ambience to this Art Deco cocktail bar.
What is distressed mirror?

Distressed mirror is silvered glass than has been  manipulated by use of  a chemical reaction to produce abstract mirror designs on glass.
Distressed mirror/ Fauxed mirror/ Antique mirror are the most common names to describe this technique.
There are 3 x methods to distress a mirror.

1 :  By chemically corroding an all ready silvered mirror.
This is done by stripping the paint to expose the silver then adding a corrosive liquid like  Ammonia or  Chlorine to the silvered side.
This method is commonly used by the experimenter or hobbyist, the result is usually disappointing.

2 : The second method is to place an inhibiting substance to the glass before the normal silvering process takes place, this may include Calcium Carbonate  - Urea - Stannous Chloride - Zinc Oxide.
The silver will not be able to adhere to the glass normally and will leave varying degrees of grayish
dark patches - spots - clouds and streaking on the mirror.
This method is favoured by companies that manufacture bulk commercially distressed mirrors on   the silvering line.
The down side to this method is that it can give an unimpressive mono carpet like appearance.

3 :  The third method for distressing mirrors called Florentine mirror the method used by 
The Manhattan Mirror Co  Melbourne is to carefully manipulate metallic chemicals into the silver during the silvering process.
Trace elements of cobalt - copper - gold - tin etc can be extracted and formed on the glass as the silver is reduced from silver nitrate to pure silver.

There are only a handful of Artisans currently in Australia performing this type of work.
Florentine distressed mirror can be used on glass dining tables - coffee tables - feature mirror walls - splashbacks - bathroom wall and floor tiles and outdoor mirrors.
A variety of edge work is available from the Manhattan Mirror Co and includes flat polished edges - bevelled edges – or the very smart Triple C edges   as per sample.

What’s Hot at the Moment:  15mm or 19mm Thick Dining table Tops Silvered Florentine Style Mirror with a Triple C Edge All Round.

The Manhattan Mirror Co manufactures & delivers Australia wide antique / distressed / fauxed mirror / glass tiles & coffee / dining table tops made to size at no extra cost.

Price guide:
12 mm toughened florentine distressed mirror glass table top 8 seater 3000 x 1000 mm > $1750
If you imported this table from Italy, you would pay over $5000.

Bevelled distressed mirror tiles 300 x 300 mm > $37 each.

Our Florentine distressed tiles size, 300mm x 300mm, includes 10mm beveled edges ,
hand silvered on 4mm clear float glass.
Every tile is unique
Customers are welcomed to come to our Melbourne showroom (721 Warrigal Road, Chadstone 3148),
and hand pick your own tiles.
We can mount these impressive pieces of art on a backing board complete with beveled
timber mounting brackets or an adjustable link chain.
Individual tiles can be purchased at $37.50 each.
Popular sizes ready to hang with wall mount fixtures.

300 x 900 mm ..... $160
600 x 600 mm ..... $195
600 x 900 mm ..... $285
600 x 1200 mm .....$345
600 x 1500 mm .....$445
900 x 900 mm ..... $435
900 x 1200 mm .....$525
900 x 1500 mm .....$690
1200 x 1200 mm ...$675

You can refresh your tired old glass kitchen table top by having us silver it Florentine style.
it will totally transform your kitchen or dining room saving you money and the environment

Border mirror tiles
Decorating with distressed glass mirror tiles can open up a small bathroom and give
your room that special relaxed elegance.
Our unique 10 mm toughened Florentine bathroom mirror floor tiles will
unequivocally out-smart everyone else’s bathroom.
How about replacing that boring old framed mantle mirror with a one piece
custom measured antique style distressed mirror.
This mirror has a 30 mm bevelled edge, 9 mm backing board and
measures 1400 x 1400 mm.Cost: $750 including installation in Kew Victoria.
The Manhattan Mirror Co
Distressed Florentine panels custom made for the Herszbergs residence Melbourne
Custom made Florentine antique distressed mirrors fitted to these storage room doors at Templestowe Melbourne Victoria.
This was an amazing transformation to these otherwise plain white painted doors.

Chandrikas brief was when people walk into the guest’s bedroom, i want to hear a whispered WOW!
The guest’s bedroom is now fully furnished and when the wall curtains are fully drawn at night the entire mirror wall lights up with a spectacular Melbourne skyline display.
We are Melbourne’s mirror wall specialists, home gym mirrors, dance floor mirrors, anywhere you will need a mirror wall.
Ph: 03 9807-7888 Mob: 0418-844-364 email: any time for a quote on your mirror wall requirements.
Serena Williams once complained that the existing mirrors in the Tennis Australia women’s change rooms gave her a headache .... Naturally The Manhattan Mirror Co being one of Melbourne’s most experienced mirror wall specialists with 45 years of experience replaced all the old mirrors with high end distortion free low iron mirrors.
Chandrikas mirror wall enhances the spectacular view from her East Melbourne apartment.
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