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The Manhattan Mirror Co located at 721 Warrigal Rd, Chadstone Melbourne Victoria 3148, Australia. FORMULATIONS OF CHEMICAL CONSUMABLES FOR THE SPRAY ON CHROME INDUSTRY.
Spray on chrome consists mainly of silver, often with the chemical addition of other sometimes less noble metals acting as hardeners.
Spray chroming is an extension of the mirror silvering industry, commonly known as first surface silvering.
Automobile spray painters are increasingly adding chrome spraying techniques to their range of services, taking advantage of the
experience they already have in spraying and tinting 2K urethane clear coat.
In the USA and other countries spray chroming is a well advanced procedure.
Two part silvering and reducing solutions can be ordered in  5 / 10 / 15 / 20 litre and larger volumes.
Sensitizes and super sensitizes can be ordered in concentrated solution in any volume.
We also sell a uniquely formulated silver passivator / corrosion inhibitor for the after treatment of the silver layer.
The passivator is an important process used to harden the silver outer layer, before finally spraying the 2K urethane clear coat.
Spray on chrome silvering chemicals are at their best when freshly formulated, so we prefer to make up silvering solutions in-house at the time of ordering.
Please send inquires via email: attention Guy Molloy.

Auto spray chrome chemicals Melbourne Australia

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