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Beautiful Mirrors|Art deco mirrors|Bathroom mirrors|Art deco|furniture|mirror designs by Guy Molloy

The Manhattan Mirror Co. - Profile
The Epitome of Glamour, Escapism & Luxury, it’s a look that can easily be incorporated into the clean straight
lines of today’s modern homes, minimalist with a touch of glamour.
The Art Deco style is all about discreet opulence.
It’s a look that whispers good taste and elegance rather than shouting it from the rooftops.
We at the Manhattan Mirror Co have endeavoured to provide you a range of styles from the gloriously glam and indulgently decadent, to the contemporary conservative. We manufacture, pack & ship these unique mirrors interstate and overseas every week. Please feel free to email us a photo of the area that you are considering putting a mirror together with information on the fixing method required.
* The bevels on all our mirrors have all been polished to a high quality dazzling shine

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Outdoor mirrors

The Manhattan Mirror Co is located not far from the Chadstone shopping centre near the corner of Warrigal and Waverley Rds
Our keen and dedicated glaziers worked late into the night during the recent Chadstone shopping centre renovation.

The Manhattan Mirror Co is the place to buy mirrors on line, round mirrors – frameless mirrors – bathroom mirrors –
custom made wall mirrors made in Australia.
We regularly install mirrors in the Melbourne metro area and ship mirrors interstate & overseas.
Here are just the few services we provide :
1 cut to size window and door glass.
2 laminated safety glass toughened and clear float glass.
3 rear view mirrors for cars supplied and fitted to your car.
4 chipped and broken crystal repaired and repolished, 35 years of experience.
5 restoration to antique hand mirrors.
6 replace sliding bathroom mirrors.
7 antique mirrors resilvered. Shower screen glass replaced.
8 manufacturers of wonderful bathroom mirrored shaving cabinets.
9 we operate our own silvering factory and are able to produce everything from distressed antique style
toughened kitchen splashbacks to large feature mirror walls including domestic and commercial applications.

 Mirrors Ain’t  Mirrors
Wall & Bathroom mirrors

Generally, there are 4 grades of mirrors on the Australian market at present.

Chromium: These mirrors have a chromium backing often used as kitchen mirror splashbacks. Chromium mirrors can be toughened and are usually painted black to protect the chromed surface side. They are a durable alternative to silver or aluminium backed mirrors.

 Unlike aluminium or silver, Chrome has a slight blue grey tint and because of this would not be generally be used as a dress mirror or used in a bathroom as a shaving or make up mirror.

Aluminium: Aluminium backed mirrors have been used for many years now as a cheaper alternative to silver mirrors. Aluminium has a 10% less light reflection ability compared to silver mirrors. Most readymade mirrors that you might buy from a framing shop or online have an aluminium backing.

     As one Aluminium Mirror Manufacturer said to me once  “An Aluminium backed mirror is good 
     enough for the untrained eye”.
     Silver:   Silver backed mirrors are top of the range in terms of reflective ability. Most silver   
     backed mirrors including Viridian’ Australia  or  Guardian’ Thailand are silvered using clear
     float glass. Clear float glass is the acceptable standard in Australia. Typically, it is used in
     bathrooms, mirror walls or dress mirrors etc.

     Low Iron Mirrors sometimes called:  
     Starphire Mirrors
 Ultra Clear Mirrors
 Super Clear Mirrors

The highest quality mirrors not generally common in Australia are mirrors that have been silvered using low Iron float glass. Most Mirrors that you would expect to see in your bathroom or hanging on the wall are made of the clear glass. Clear float glass has a green tint seen most notably along the edge of glass table tops or glass shelves etc.

Low iron mirror is increasingly being specified by Architects and highly trained interior designers for high end bathrooms  dress makers, makeup artists,and  hairdressers etc. If you go into your typical bathroom and hold up a piece of A4 white paper over the mirror you will notice the difference between the back of the paper and colour of the reflective surface. This is because of the iron content in the glass. Low Iron or Starphire mirrors give a sharper and more pristine reflection making colours especially white richer brighter and more natural looking.

The Manhattan Mirror Co. located at 721 Warrigal Road, Chadstone can fabricate a bespoke Starphire mirror to suit any application. Toughened Starphire mirror kitchen splashbacks using silver not aluminium are currently our best selling splashbacks.

Phone  Guy Molloy  03 9807 7888,  0418 844 364  any time  for your free measure and quote.

Beautiful Mirrors|Art deco mirrors|Bathroom mirrors|Art deco|furniture|mirror designs by Guy Molloy